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Much news to tell, part one: my sewing room (no, not the best of the news)

You may have wondered why I haven’t posted for awhile. A whole month in fact. A lot has been happening. First, my middle daughter, Gita, moved back home a couple months ago. She wants to save some money to go travelling. But that meant that we had her whole household to fit into our whole household, which you can imagine, didn’t really fit. So we had a massive garage sale, and spent the past many weeks clearing out and cleaning out every room in the house to make it workable. We moved our living room into the dining room, and moved the piano there as well, and… well, I don’t need to go into the details, you get the picture, yes? One major benefit has been that I cleared and cleaned out my sewing room. It looks fantastic now, and is so manageable, and everything is neat, ordered, and reachable. I love it.


first, the hall cupboard - fabrics all sorted


entering the room, looking to the left of the doorway


right-side cupboard - pretty much all sewing things


I cut my Ikea computer desk in half, to half or completely eliminate the clutter opportunities


shrank my sewing table down by folding in the extension leaves


the shelves my Dad built for me, now all nice and organized again. notice the shelf with nappies and other baby things?


my big rulers and french curve now have a spot of their own


as do my quilting hoops - finally!


and to finish it all off, ta-dah! the hole in my window has been repaired!

Gita says it’s now no longer an office. It’s definitely a craft room now. Yay! That’s exactly what I’ve wanted it to be.

OK, now wait for the next post. The best bit of news is still to come!

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