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A bit of an update, and some very exciting news

So first, the update. I haven’t been posting really for quite a few weeks. Apart from that quick flash of images I posted recently. Have you missed me? I’ve definitely missed you.

My eldest daughter has been a bit unwell for the past 4 weeks or so, and I’ve been over there pretty much nine to five, Monday to Friday, taking care of her, and her baby. The latter is a very sweet labour of love; my grandson is adorable. Unfortunately, my daughter hasn’t been feeling the best, and although I adore hanging out with her, it’s hard as her mother to watch my girl be ill. Luckily, the medicine is kicking in, and she’s on the mend. It’s not over yet though, and I’m down to half days instead of full ones over at her house.

Zaida Moshe and Austin

Today, she decided to try to do the whole day on her own. I haven’t heard from her, and it’s lunch time, so I hope she makes it through OK. She’s amazing, you know. Never once – at least not when I’ve seen – has she lost it, gotten crabby, down, or anything remotely like that. She’s taken it all in her stride, mostly with a smile and a laugh.

Well, that’s where I’ve been. I have done some sewing though, that’ll I’ll have to show you. The bag I showed you in my last post was made mostly by catching 15 minutes here, 10 minutes there, a full half hour here. I also made these, in the same way. Although they really didn’t take much time at all.

I'm calling this my 'iPad Slipcase, or "Travel-Light" Bag'

My little "dumpling" make-up pouch

Finally, a new earphones pod! Yay!

You did notice that all the above pieces match my Winter Nest Satchel, yes? All in the same beautiful Ink & Spindle and Kristen Doran fabrics, yes? Now it’s like I have a whole personalized, matching range of accessories for my handbag. Handles one of my obsessions. Know what I mean? I love it! What patterns did I use? Well, the iPad slipcase is my very own creation. The Dumpling Make-up Pouch is by Michelle Patterns. And the earphone pod is by Erin Erickson. You’ll find more detailed images of these items here:

1. iPad Slipcase, or “Travel-lightly” Bag

2. Dumpling Make-up Pouch

3. Earphones Pod 02

4. YSG! Winter Nest Satchel

You can also find them all on the Bags Pouches Purses page, along with my other finished bags and things.

So now, you’ve read all the way to here. Thank you! But now, you’re wondering… “Didn’t she say something about some exciting news? Very exciting, even?” OK, here it is…

On 1st July, I’ll be launching my brand new business. I can’t tell you what it’s called, because then you’ll just do a search and find my very un-ready site. Not cool, know what I mean? However, I will tell you that I’ll be stocking all of Nikki Mallalieu’s “You SEW Girl!” products. Patterns and bag hardware. All of it! Including two beautiful brand new patterns that Nikki’s launching. I know you can already get some of Nikki’s patterns around town, and some shops even sell some of her hardware. I’ll be stocking everything, so you can pick up whatever you need right from my online store! I’ll be starting my shop with Nikki’s products, because I love them so much, and will be adding more product lines as the business grows.

OK that’s it for now.
x H

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