Oh, Liberty!


Picture this… it’s day three of a 5-day getaway in beautiful Hepburn Springs. We’re staying in a gorgeous bed-and-breakfast retreat, relaxing in front of a nice fire that warmed up the whole place – it’s working up to a top of 13°C outside – I’m nursing a really nice Trappist beer, and browsing the internet on […]

Shoe Carnival Wristlet

YSG! Shoe Carnival Wristlet

Today I’m making a purse for my friend, Lyla. She’s given me some fabric she likes, and I think it’ll be quite whimsical, don’t you? I’ll use the shoe fabric for the feature flap, with the navy fabric as the main bag, and the lighter blue fabric for lining. I’ll need to come up with […]

I FINALLY won a Dritz eBay auction!

Dritz Bound Buttonhole Maker

YAY!!! Since I first saw these things, and first heard all the fuss about them, I’ve wanted one of my own. But I kept missing out on auctions! They either went for ridiculous money, or I simply missed the auction altogether, reading on someone’s blog about how they’d won. Finally! This one came onto eBay, […]

Florentine Evening Purse

Swarovski crystal beads

When Mum insisted I borrow her stunning white gold and sapphire jewellery to wear with a new outfit I’d bought for a family wedding in Sydney, even though I’d already made myself a new purse for the occasion to match my old gold jewellery, there was nothing for it but to make another evening purse. […]

My new old gold evening purse

Florentine II by Robert Kaufman

Our cousin’s daughter was getting married in Sydney, at Luna Park (should have seen how everyone eyed us all up and down as we walked with other wedding guests through the park in all our glitz and high heels!), and I’d just bought myself a fabulous little black dress with a lovely breezy dark navy […]

My winter nest satchel is finished!


Hi everyone, sorry, no time to write too much today. Couldn’t wait to show you though, so pictures only today. Large tote & satchel pattern by You Sew, Girl! Fabrics are by Kristen Doran (front flap) and Ink & Spindle (main bag fabric). Click on the images to enlarge. Hope you like.

Wrapped In Baby Soft Chevron Knit


Do you remember the saga with the little chevron baby blanket I started knitting for Austin? If yes, you’ll recall that the first skein of wool ran out well before it should have, leaving me with only 18 of the 20 rows I needed. After emailing The Purl Bee and doing a swatch gauge as […]

My trench coat!

my trench coat

If you’ve read my “About Me” page, you’ll know that the trench coat I made many, many years ago was my most treasured, favourite thing I ever made. Well, I was browsing through some old photos belonging to my parents-in-law, when I came across this one. It was taken in the early winter months of […]

OMG! I’m crazy in love with Curious Nature!

Parson Gray | Curious Nature - Ocean

I’ve been up since 4am. Couldn’t sleep. Not that I wasn’t tired. Just couldn’t get my head to chill out, and my brain to stop thinking about, among other things, these amazing fabrics, and what I’m going to make with them. The first time I laid eyes on these – when was that, last August? […]