A little weekend sewing, and a not-so-happy but oh-so-cute recipient


Austin in his sun hat

Austin in his sun hat

He wasn’t the happiest recipient of a sewn gift. As soon as I managed to manoeuver around his fast little hands to plant the hat on his darling little head, those same quick-as-a-flash little hands pulled the hat right off that darling little head and threw it onto the floor. Almost to say, “You think I’m going to be seen wearing THAT!!!

I had Moshe on the other side of the table with his iPhone trying to capture a split second of a moment of Austin with his hat on. I think it looks quite gorgeous, don’t you?

I’d spent ages searching the internet for hat patterns for little boys, until I found this one on By MiekK, a gorgeous blog written by the wonderful Marieke K. It’s exactly what I was looking for, more of a fisherman’s hat than a full-brimmed sun hat, or a full cap, which is mostly what I found in my search. It’s so cute! I especially love that this adorable little hat is reversible! And it hardly takes any fabric, so scraps are ideal, and it takes less than two hours to whip up! Perfect, right?

The pattern is easy-peasy, once you can translate from the Dutch (I used Google translate, and it did a fantastic job). I also emailed Marieke to ask for the instructions in English, but she said she hadn’t done one. Instead, she very generously wrote me out a little paragraph of instructions that I could easily understand and follow. Thanks so very much to her, I now have the perfect sun hat pattern!

Sun hat for Austin 01

Don’t you love this fabric! It’s Kellie Wulfsohn’s “Peak Hour” by Riley Blake

Sun hat for Austin 02

I love all the little cars, and the newspaper ads! Really gorgeous, isn’t it!

Sun hat for Austin 03

Here’s the other side, with the newspaper print peeking out.

Sun hat for Austin 04

I love these large dots!

Sun hat for Austin 05

Not happy, get this thing off me, Buba!

Sun hat for Austin 06

My wonderful parents-in-law, who are completely besotted by their little great-grandson


Oh, Liberty!

Picture this… it’s day three of a 5-day getaway in beautiful Hepburn Springs. We’re staying in a gorgeous bed-and-breakfast retreat, relaxing in front of a nice fire that warmed up the whole place – it’s working up to a top of 13°C outside – I’m nursing a really nice Trappist beer, and browsing the internet on my iPad. Moshe is happily catching up on his social media, and I somehow find my way to one of my favourite “window-shopping” fabric haunts, Shaukat & Company.

All of a sudden, I start jumping up and down. I’d found it! There it was – the fabric I’d seen ages ago made up into a gorgeous wrap dress by a very clever seamstress at Patchwork On Central Park! I’d been looking for it for a year, well more than that I think. And here it was! I couldn’t believe it. All there was to think about was how much I needed to get!


Mirako in Orange

Actually, I saw the fabric in Bright Pink first. I didn’t know it came in that colourway, and, still convinced I’d never find it in orange, and quite beside myself with joy that I’d found it at all, I squealed, and added 3.5 yards to my shopping cart, before continuing on my way through Shaukat’s virtual isles.

Mirako in Bright Pink

Mirako in Bright Pink

I really love it in pink actually, quite different, but it really rather grabbed me. I think it’ll look quite gorgeous sewn up.

So now I have both fabrics in the cart, the pink and the orange. I can’t say exactly what it is, but I just love this fabric. It just does something for me that I can’t put into words. I’m just so, so excited. Anyway, I decide to keep browsing just a wee bit longer. I mean, I am on holidays, after all. No need to rush. So I’m sauntering down the page, and I find myself staring at one of my latest new Liberty favourites – Matches.


Matches in Black

Oops! All by itself, it fell into my shopping cart! Seriously, I do not lie!

What a great holiday this is.

Shoe Carnival Wristlet

Today I’m making a purse for my friend, Lyla. She’s given me some fabric she likes, and I think it’ll be quite whimsical, don’t you?

I’ll use the shoe fabric for the feature flap, with the navy fabric as the main bag, and the lighter blue fabric for lining. I’ll need to come up with something for the shoulder strap though. Don’t think I have enough navy. Well, I’ll go get started.

I FINALLY won a Dritz eBay auction!

Dritz Bound Buttonhole Maker

my very own Dritz Bound Buttonhole Maker!

YAY!!! Since I first saw these things, and first heard all the fuss about them, I’ve wanted one of my own. But I kept missing out on auctions! They either went for ridiculous money, or I simply missed the auction altogether, reading on someone’s blog about how they’d won. Finally! This one came onto eBay, and I stalked it! I think the auction was a long one, because when I got the reminder email saying today’s the day, don’t miss out, I’d actually forgotten about it! I just hope the shipping to Australia isn’t too much. Fingers crossed. But I actually don’t care. It can’t be that much, and I only paid about $15 for it, so I don’t mind. Don’t mind at all!

Hmmm. I just realized I haven’t shown you my recent buttons splurge. I bought rather a few lot. OK, tomorrow. I have to photograph them. They’re so pretty!!! I’ll tell you all about it.

Florentine Evening Purse

YSG! Florentine Teardrop Purse

YSG! Florentine Teardrop Purse

When Mum insisted I borrow her stunning white gold and sapphire jewellery to wear with a new outfit I’d bought for a family wedding in Sydney, even though I’d already made myself a new purse for the occasion to match my old gold jewellery, there was nothing for it but to make another evening purse. The gold purse just wouldn’t work.

Again, determined to find something in the cupboard and not buy anything, I finally settled on a piece from the same range I’d used for the gold purse, but in another colour. Much more of a match with the white gold jewellery.

Id just been down to Nikki’s office to stock up for Sisters’ Market, and spied her Teardrop Purse pattern. It’s just the right size for an evening purse! It wasn’t on the wholesale order list, but I had to have it! And, I picked up some more copies of the pattern for the shop that’ll I’ll also take to the market. I think it’s divine! If you like it too, be sure to pick one up from our shop or from our market stall on 8th Sep. I don’t know if Nikki will bring it back or not.

Swarovski crystal beads

Swarovski crystal beads

I found these beads left over from my daughter’s wedding dress. Don’t they look lovely with the frame and fabric?

the lining

the lining

I used the same fabric for the lining and pocket as I’d used on the sides of the purse. I think it’s nicer than if I’d introduced another pattern.

the side view

the side view

I adore the cute puffy sides! This purse was also quite easy to make, although it did take a little longer than the party purse. Sewing the frame to the purse with the seed beads take a bit of time, but not too long. I still managed to finish up the purse in one day, with many interruptions throughout!

As always, Nikki’s instructions are fabulous. I managed OK with gluing the fabric into the frame, but I think next time it’ll go even better. Luckily, the sewing keeps it all in place, so even my poor gluing skills didn’t really pose any problems.

view from the top

view from the top

I’m quite delighted with it. In fact, I love it! What do you think? I’m going to an engagement tonight, wearing my outfit with this purse. I’ll see if I can get a nice shot to show you tomorrow.

My new old gold evening purse

my outfit

my outfit

Our cousin’s daughter was getting married in Sydney, at Luna Park (should have seen how everyone eyed us all up and down as we walked with other wedding guests through the park in all our glitz and high heels!), and I’d just bought myself a fabulous little black dress with a lovely breezy dark navy thing to wear over it. I liked it especially because it made me look almost slim! I loved how the old gold necklace they had at the shop looked with the navy, so I bought that too. I’d worry about bracelet and earrings later.

Now, since our anniversary was two days after the wedding, we decided to make a week of it in Sydney. I found a lovely bracelet and a pair of earrings to match the necklace. Perfect. But I needed a new purse for this outfit, as none of mine would look at all nice with it.

Of course, I’d only bought the outfit four days before we had to fly out to Sydney for the wedding – nothing like leaving things to the last minute! Which meant that I had even less time to make a new purse!

I’d always wanted to fill the “gold evening purse” gap in my wardrobe, so I searched through my fabric cupboard, determined not to buy more fabric. I found the perfect thing! I’d actually bought this fabric for a quilt I wanted to make, but hadn’t gotten to use it yet.

I love the gold, of course, but I really like the blue through the fabric in the little flowers. Makes it a perfect match with my outfit.

Florentine II by Robert Kaufman

Florentine II by Robert Kaufman

Doesn’t it look brilliant with the jewellery? I picked out this little Liberty tana lawn print I had left over from my hexagon quilt (oh my god! I have to finish that!), and picked up a black zipper.


this lining will look perfect with the fabric, don’t you think?

I decided to use the Nicole Mallalieu “Party Purse” pattern I’d picked up on the trading table at a quilt guild sewing day, and I was amazed at how quickly I finished it! If you like, you can purchase your own downloadable pattern from You Sew Girl!

Party Purse pattern

Party Purse pattern

I think I started at about 6:30am one morning, and by 9am it was done!

Old Gold Evening Purse

Old Gold Evening Purse

I love the gathered overlay! It’s optional, but I think it really makes it evening-y.

the strap

the strap

I wasn’t happy with the length of the strap when I made the purse; I thought it was too long. But I wore the purse to the MSO last night, and it actually is a perfect length! So that’s good.



This purse is a perfect size to hold my lippy and blush, mobile phone, keys, and cash, with room to spare. Great little evening purse! Now I was all set for the wedding. Just needed to pack my case, and… go!

Oh crikey! I think I’ve used the word “perfect” a million times in this post! It’s just that everything – the outfit, the jewellery, the fabric, the pattern – is… well, perfect!

My winter nest satchel is finished!

Hi everyone, sorry, no time to write too much today. Couldn’t wait to show you though, so pictures only today. Large tote & satchel pattern by You Sew, Girl! Fabrics are by Kristen Doran (front flap) and Ink & Spindle (main bag fabric). Click on the images to enlarge. Hope you like.

Wrapped In Baby Soft Chevron Knit

Do you remember the saga with the little chevron baby blanket I started knitting for Austin? If yes, you’ll recall that the first skein of wool ran out well before it should have, leaving me with only 18 of the 20 rows I needed. After emailing The Purl Bee and doing a swatch gauge as was suggested, which came up exactly right, and then, after I emailed them the pictures I took of the swatch with my ruler showing the correct number of stitches per inch, and then not hearing a peep back from them, I decided it was time to come up with an alternate strategy. As you might remember, I ordered another skein of the cotton, but when more than a week had gone by and it still hadn’t arrived in the post, I picked up my circular needles and forged ahead with Plan B. Here’s the result.


Austin’s Chevron Baby Blanket

How gorgeous is it! I’m so happy with it, I just can’t wait to wrap him up in it.


it drapes so beautifully, and feels wonderful in hand

The Blue Sky Cotton is a lovely yarn to knit with, although the blue has already shown minute signs of pilling, even though it hasn’t been used yet. I’m hoping that doesn’t get any worse, or it’ll be really disappointing. I’ll let you know down the track how it wears.


the underside looks great too!

See the blue (Mediterranean) stripe across the top? That’s the second skein that finally arrived. Thank god, because all of the skeins knitted up short by 2 rows. Overall, I had to make up 14 rows! That’s fairly significant. I can’t work out how the original blanket was made using the pattern they provided. It’s a mystery to me. I had the right size needles, the perfect gauge… Anyway, I think it turned out just fine in the end. Don’t you? Austin thinks so…


cbb-12 cbb-13cbb-14
 cbb-16  cbb-17


Now, what’s my next project???


My trench coat!

If you’ve read my “About Me” page, you’ll know that the trench coat I made many, many years ago was my most treasured, favourite thing I ever made. Well, I was browsing through some old photos belonging to my parents-in-law, when I came across this one.

It was taken in the early winter months of 1982. I was pregnant with Gita, my second child, who was born in August that year. We’re standing in the driveway of Moshe’s parents’ house in Hilda Street, Balwyn, and I’m leaning against our old mustard-coloured Toyota Corona. I remember I’d hated that haircut. It was too short and pixie-looking.

Devorah was 1½ years old. She’s wearing a little jacket made by Moshe’s Auntie Sala in her factory in Carlton. It was her birthday a couple of days ago.

I’d forgotten that I had photos of myself wearing this coat. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found one. The funny thing is, it’s a photo that we took and gave a copy of to my in-laws, so I must have it somewhere too!

OMG! I’m crazy in love with Curious Nature!

I’ve been up since 4am. Couldn’t sleep. Not that I wasn’t tired. Just couldn’t get my head to chill out, and my brain to stop thinking about, among other things, these amazing fabrics, and what I’m going to make with them.

Parson Gray | Curious Nature - Mineral

Parson Gray | Curious Nature – Mineral

The first time I laid eyes on these – when was that, last August? – I fell hard in love. I knew it would be the answer to all my what-fabric-can-I-use-to-make-a-quilt-for-Moshe conundrum. And now that they’re in the shops, I can finally get me some!

Parson Gray | Curious Nature - Ocean

Parson Gray | Curious Nature – Ocean

It’ll also be the perfect solution to the problem of finding the right fabric for a couple of shirts I want to make for my darling. And it’s absolutely PERFECT for a couple of other amazing projects that are now inhabiting my workroom table project list.

These beautiful fabrics are the brainchild of David Butler – yeah, you know. He’s Amy’s husband. And now, he’s a major source of inspiration for me. If you haven’t seen the range yet, you JUST HAVE TO take a look at it. Curious Nature by Parson Gray is David’s magnificent, male-perfect fabric line. Ha! But not just for the guys! I’m making a few things for myself, too! I have to say though, I feel just a teensy bit guilty that I just want to copy everything on the Facebook site exactly, know what I mean? Do you think it is a little … er, what would you call that, … maybe uncool on my part?  But hey, don’t they say that imitation the greatest form of flattery? Well, that’s fine by me. I just can’t get these designs out of my head.

So, with the gracious permission of David Butler himself to use his images, here are the things I just can’t wait to make…

barcelona-skirt-ab cn-barcelona-skirt

Here’s Amy Butler’s pattern that I’ve wanted to make now for a couple of years. It looks amazing in David Butler’s Curious Nature fabrics, doesn’t it!


 cn-tunic-scarf  I don’t currently have a pattern for a tunic like this. however, I reckon I have a couple of patterns I could adapt.As for the scarf, it’s gorgeous. I’ll make that from 2 yards of fabric. I don’t know. I just can’t stop looking at these pictures! I’m really besotted with the fabrics!

Amy Butler | High Street Messenger Bag

Parson Gray | Curious Nature - Messenger Bag

This is such a great bag! It’ll fit Moshe’s laptop when he’s travelling, as well as his reading glasses, his sunglasses, his iPhone, his keys, and any kind of other paraphernalia that normally ends up residing in my handbag.
Parson Gray | Curious Nature - quilt

Parson Gray | Curious Nature - quilt

And last but certainly not least, here’s David’s amazing quilt pattern which you can download if you like, for free, from the Free Spirit Fabric website. Perfect for Moshe, no? The right colours, the right tones, and drop-dead gorgeous fabric!