Scribbles for Austin

Devorah needed a couple more burp cloths, so I whipped these up this morning.


I love the bright colours!

Aren’t they gorgeous? The little octopus is from a great little toy shop I passed by in High Street, Armadale. Just couldn’t walk by without going in! It has a little rattle thing inside. Very cute!

My new specs case

You know, with everything that’s been going on, I forgot to show you how my specs case finished up! I’m so sorry! Here it is…


perfect for my computer glasses

Oh, and you know how I wasn’t crazy about the embroidery pattern I’d created? Well, as I use this case more and more – and I actually use it constantly throughout the day, changing back and forth from my regular glasses to my reading glasses and back again at least a dozen times – I’m actually really happy with it.


with a shmick flex frame opening – I play with it all the time

I even would go so far as to say that I really like it. And the wool felt – love it! It’s so nice to use.


nice roomy bottom gussett, even my big-framed sunglasses fit comfortably!

Wouldn’t go back to using synthetic felt. Nope. Nikki is right.


love the feel!

Now that I’ve used the wool felt, I can’t see myself ever going back.