The cutest YSG Wristlet I’ve made to date!

Last month, I crossed off another long-outstanding project that I finally finished – a wristlet for my friend, Lyla. She gave me the fabric from her own stash – oh, and by the way, if you’re into appliqués, you should check out her shop.

ysg-shoe-carnival-wristlet-01 ysg-shoe-carnival-wristlet-02a
ysg-shoe-carnival-wristlet-02 ysg-shoe-carnival-wristlet-03
ysg-shoe-carnival-wristlet-04 ysg-shoe-carnival-wristlet-05

Do you like it? I did have a concern that the fabric would be too cutesy, know what I mean? But I think it’s adorable!

In the next couple of days, I’ll post about my next project… finishing the quilt I started for my friend, oh so very long ago! And after that, I’ll finish Moshe’s quilt, and then… oh boy, and then!!! Onto some really exciting projects – I’m making a coat for Moshe! Want to see the fabric?

tessuti-charcoal-intenso-wool-coating-01 tessuti-charcoal-intenso-wool-coating-02

I bought this superb wool from Tessuti yesterday, and I can’t wait till it arrives! It’s called Charcoal Intenso, and it’s a beautiful charcoal grey Italian 80% wool 20% cashmere. Divine! I can’t show you the lining I bought till it gets here and I can take a picture of it, because I think I might have bought the last of it. It’s a Fendi lining, with a lovely soft hand, while being quite robust and durable. It’s what’s called for when making a man’s coat, I’m told. Apparently they can be a bit rough on the sleeves, so a nice light silk that I’d use for a coat for myself, for example, wouldn’t go the distance. Go figure! ;-)

Anyway, more about the coat another day. And I’ll also show you the pattern I’ve chosen, and hopefully a picture of the lining. In the next few days.
x Helene

Shoe Carnival Wristlet

Today I’m making a purse for my friend, Lyla. She’s given me some fabric she likes, and I think it’ll be quite whimsical, don’t you?

I’ll use the shoe fabric for the feature flap, with the navy fabric as the main bag, and the lighter blue fabric for lining. I’ll need to come up with something for the shoulder strap though. Don’t think I have enough navy. Well, I’ll go get started.

Florentine Evening Purse

YSG! Florentine Teardrop Purse

YSG! Florentine Teardrop Purse

When Mum insisted I borrow her stunning white gold and sapphire jewellery to wear with a new outfit I’d bought for a family wedding in Sydney, even though I’d already made myself a new purse for the occasion to match my old gold jewellery, there was nothing for it but to make another evening purse. The gold purse just wouldn’t work.

Again, determined to find something in the cupboard and not buy anything, I finally settled on a piece from the same range I’d used for the gold purse, but in another colour. Much more of a match with the white gold jewellery.

Id just been down to Nikki’s office to stock up for Sisters’ Market, and spied her Teardrop Purse pattern. It’s just the right size for an evening purse! It wasn’t on the wholesale order list, but I had to have it! And, I picked up some more copies of the pattern for the shop that’ll I’ll also take to the market. I think it’s divine! If you like it too, be sure to pick one up from our shop or from our market stall on 8th Sep. I don’t know if Nikki will bring it back or not.

Swarovski crystal beads

Swarovski crystal beads

I found these beads left over from my daughter’s wedding dress. Don’t they look lovely with the frame and fabric?

the lining

the lining

I used the same fabric for the lining and pocket as I’d used on the sides of the purse. I think it’s nicer than if I’d introduced another pattern.

the side view

the side view

I adore the cute puffy sides! This purse was also quite easy to make, although it did take a little longer than the party purse. Sewing the frame to the purse with the seed beads take a bit of time, but not too long. I still managed to finish up the purse in one day, with many interruptions throughout!

As always, Nikki’s instructions are fabulous. I managed OK with gluing the fabric into the frame, but I think next time it’ll go even better. Luckily, the sewing keeps it all in place, so even my poor gluing skills didn’t really pose any problems.

view from the top

view from the top

I’m quite delighted with it. In fact, I love it! What do you think? I’m going to an engagement tonight, wearing my outfit with this purse. I’ll see if I can get a nice shot to show you tomorrow.

My winter nest satchel is finished!

Hi everyone, sorry, no time to write too much today. Couldn’t wait to show you though, so pictures only today. Large tote & satchel pattern by You Sew, Girl! Fabrics are by Kristen Doran (front flap) and Ink & Spindle (main bag fabric). Click on the images to enlarge. Hope you like.

My new specs case

You know, with everything that’s been going on, I forgot to show you how my specs case finished up! I’m so sorry! Here it is…


perfect for my computer glasses

Oh, and you know how I wasn’t crazy about the embroidery pattern I’d created? Well, as I use this case more and more – and I actually use it constantly throughout the day, changing back and forth from my regular glasses to my reading glasses and back again at least a dozen times – I’m actually really happy with it.


with a shmick flex frame opening – I play with it all the time

I even would go so far as to say that I really like it. And the wool felt – love it! It’s so nice to use.


nice roomy bottom gussett, even my big-framed sunglasses fit comfortably!

Wouldn’t go back to using synthetic felt. Nope. Nikki is right.


love the feel!

Now that I’ve used the wool felt, I can’t see myself ever going back.