A hankering for knitted hats & mittens

Wiksten - Snoflinga Hat
Wiksten – Snoflinga Hat

I woke this morning to no baby (my daughter is now 16 days past her due date, and doing well). Everyone else in the house was still asleep. I did my usual morning run. Feed the dogs, boil the kettle, make a @Whole30 breakfast, and have some “me-time” with my emails.

Brooklyn Tweed - Woodruff Mittens in Shelter Homemade Jam
Brooklyn Tweed – Woodruff Mittens, and Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in Homemade Jam

I actually don’t remember now which email it was exactly that led me down the wool path, but I soon found myself wrapped up in Ravelry and Brooklyn Tweed and Wiksten patterns and yarn choices, and before you could blink an eternity away, I’d clicked and clicked and clicked my way through the checkouts.

Wiksten Cozy Purl Ridge Mittens
Wiksten – Cozy Purl Ridge Mittens

I can’t tell you how many winters I’ve gone without any gloves! Ever since I lost my beautiful Italian yellow kid leather gloves with angora lining, I’ve been trying to get myself another pair. Problem has been that, by the time it’s wintery weather, and I’m reminded that it’s time to start the search again, the shops have already sold out of the size 6 1/2 gloves, and I’m screwed.

Alana Dakos - Oak Trail Hat
Alana Dakos – Oak Trail Hat

Thank goodness for Me-Made-May’14! I’m all inspired with making things for myself again, and I realized that a new hat or two (my very old black beanie is just too sad now) and new gloves are just a couple of clicks, some international shipping travels, and a little knitting time away! Perfect.

I’m also waiting to find out if our new grandchild will be a boy or a girl. As soon as I know, I’ve got these lined up to knit while I wait for my Brooklyn Tweed wool to arrive.

Purl Bee - Newborn Hats
Purl Bee – Newborn Hats


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