Austin in his sun hat
Austin in his sun hat

He wasn’t the happiest recipient of a sewn gift. As soon as I managed to manoeuver around his fast little hands to plant the hat on his darling little head, those same quick-as-a-flash little hands pulled the hat right off that darling little head and threw it onto the floor. Almost to say, “You think I’m going to be seen wearing THAT!!!

I had Moshe on the other side of the table with his iPhone trying to capture a split second of a moment of Austin with his hat on. I think it looks quite gorgeous, don’t you?

I’d spent ages searching the internet for hat patterns for little boys, until I found this one on By MiekK, a gorgeous blog written by the wonderful Marieke K. It’s exactly what I was looking for, more of a fisherman’s hat than a full-brimmed sun hat, or a full cap, which is mostly what I found in my search. It’s so cute! I especially love that this adorable little hat is reversible! And it hardly takes any fabric, so scraps are ideal, and it takes less than two hours to whip up! Perfect, right?

The pattern is easy-peasy, once you can translate from the Dutch (I used Google translate, and it did a fantastic job). I also emailed Marieke to ask for the instructions in English, but she said she hadn’t done one. Instead, she very generously wrote me out a little paragraph of instructions that I could easily understand and follow. Thanks so very much to her, I now have the perfect sun hat pattern!

Sun hat for Austin 01
Don’t you love this fabric! It’s Kellie Wulfsohn’s “Peak Hour” by Riley Blake
Sun hat for Austin 02
I love all the little cars, and the newspaper ads! Really gorgeous, isn’t it!
Sun hat for Austin 03
Here’s the other side, with the newspaper print peeking out.
Sun hat for Austin 04
I love these large dots!
Sun hat for Austin 05
Not happy, get this thing off me, Buba!
Sun hat for Austin 06
My wonderful parents-in-law, who are completely besotted by their little great-grandson


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  1. He’ll get used to hats eventually — one must just keep persisting! Older Grandson knows he can’t go outside without one, Youger Grandson is still uncooperative!

  2. I LOVE the photo of Austin in his hat, so cleverly caught in that split second…! Goodness he has grown! I love the hat pattern and the fabric too. Well done to you. xx

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