This is a time for reflection. A time for calm, for enjoying simple pleasures.
For considered thought. For gentleness.

I’m one of the lucky ones. I’ve had a wonderfully colourful working life. I’ve done a myriad of things. I’ve worked in a pottery shop to get me through my university years, done a short stint as a teacher’s aide, and I’ve worked overseas and here in Melbourne in IT recruitment for large multinationals. I’ve created two separate businesses from scratch – a scrapbooking product manufacturing and wholesale business with my daughter and, more recently, a beautiful haberdashery that I stepped away from to focus on my studies in a health and wellbeing profession. 

With my darling husband – my best friend and ally for five decades, I’ve raised three daughters, strong, beautiful women, each one, and I’m completely head-over-heels crazy about our two gorgeous young grandsons. We finally built our dream house, I embarked on a new career – I’m now a Certified Alexander Technique teacher, and, after losing my husband to cancer recently, I decided to turn my 20 years of experience in web design into a new side hussle. I continue to enjoy playing and teaching on my baby grand piano.

And, since I was a young girl, I have been a maker.

This is my notebook. I’m glad to have you along as I enjoy the simple pleasures of making, sewing and knitting a handmade wardrobe and sharing it with you.

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  1. HI Helene,
    I unexpectedly came across your blog and specifically your quilt when i was doing a search on my first collection of fabric Wild Thyme. i was on the Purl soho sight and by mistake clicked on something and landed on your blog. well it was wonderful to see the collection used in your quilt. i was wondering if it would be okay to blog about it, as i am about to reveal my 2nd collection and this would be a great preview to that.
    thanks, Carolyn

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      Thank good­ness for serendip­ity! I’m so thrilled you found me and my quilt! I would be hon­oured for you to do that. If you’d like any other pho­tographs, please feel free to ask me. I can’t wait to see your next col­lec­tion. I am a very big fan of yours.

      Warmest regards,

  2. Hello Helene, I really enjoyed reading this especially the part where your father upcycled the old suits. So new age! Thank you for the feedback on my new fabric design too. Take care. xx

    1. That’s so funny Thea! My dad would have loved that, he always liked to think of himself as modern. You know, your comment today got me thinking, and I realized there’s more of the story to tell, so I’ve added more to this page. Thanks so much for commenting, I got to enjoy a return trip down memory lane today, looking over old photos and thinking of Dad. xx H

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