Completed :: Tessuti Eva Dress – à la Downton Abbey perhaps?

It’s a frustrating bitch of a thing. I’m talking about my weight. To be more specific… my apparent inability to lose it. I don’t eat anything with sugar in it, I don’t eat any grains, not even rice or quinoa or buckwheat or any of those “OK” grains, except once in a blue moon – […]

Completed :: By Hand London | Anna dress for Gita

I really did hope to get this post out on Sunday, but it’s been a little extra busy round at my house. I also don’t know how inspired my blogging content is right now. I’m pretty exhausted, and my brain is a little fried. I’m counting on my lovely photos of my daughter to save […]

An Anna for Gita

My cousin’s daughter is getting married on Cup weekend in Melbourne. The ceremony will be in town, with a reception out in the Mornington Peninsula at one of the wineries. Should be beautiful. I used up my “The Fabric Store” coupon from The Craft Sessions on a beautiful piece of silk crepe de chine, thinking to […]

My current crush – Fashionary

Yep, well, things didn’t turn out quite as I had hoped. I haven’t gotten to start my Lady Skater dress yet, and not only that, but I’ve not been able to do anything crafty for a few months now. Hence, no blog post for weeks and weeks! I developed symptoms of a genetic eye condition I’ve […]

Hi there, it’s been awhile!

Well there’s nothing like throwing your hat over the wall to bring you back down to earth! I’ve just signed up for Me-Made-May’14! Here’s what I’ve pledged… I, Helene from, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14. I endeavour to wear at least two me-made items each week for the duration of May 2014. […]

Grainline Studio Archer Shirt in Alexander Henry Voile & Liberty Tana Lawn

Are you loving the Archers that are showing up around the traps for Archer Appreciation Month? Just in case you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can read all the details on Rochelle’s blog over at Lucky Lucille, or on Erin’s Miss Crayola Creepy blog, or of course, on Jen’s Grainline Studio blog. OK. […]

Grainline Studio Archer Shirt in Marc Jacobs Plaid Voile

I feel rather embarrassed that I haven’t posted since before I attended The Craft Sessions – over two months ago! I’d fully intended to write all about it immediately after the weekend, to share with you just how amazing it was. But I want to share my Grainline Studio Archer shirts I’ve made first, before December is gone. It’s already the 30th! Nothing […]

Finally, lycra!

Botanicus Stretch - swimwear fabric

Och, I’ll be so happy when this wretched flu is done! I’m so over it! Today is Day 16, and I still have a scratchy voice and revolting cough, and I’m still so tired. I’d decided that I really should make the effort yesterday afternoon to go to my brother-in-law’s 60th birthday party, but after […]

V8940 | Tailoring Moshe’s Coat – part 1


Now, I’m delighted to say, there is one good thing that’s come out of the past horrible chest-infection-ridden days – Moshe said he’s happy for me to get started on his coat. In other words, he’s happy for me to measure him up, and to get that coat done. The fact that one of our […]