Curious Nature Quilt for Moshe – finished!

Please note – this post is very heavily image-loaded, I just couldn’t stop clicking my camera button! And then I couldn’t bring myself to leave any of these pictures out, so forgive me, I’m just a little besotted with this one!

Moshe's Curious Nature Quilt
Moshe’s Curious Nature Quilt

It’s only taken me a whole year to sew on the binding, and I’ve done it in a just couple of evenings, plus a last session today while my darling grandson slept. Can’t quite believe that it’s really done!

Moshe's Curious Nature Quilt - 02
I love how the fabrics work so well together

I really REALLY REALLY love it!!!!! And I adore the beautiful quilting Vicki Jenkin did!!! She’s so amazing. Her longarm quilting is beautifully executed, and she was so wonderful to work with.

Moshe's Curious Nature Quilt - 03
How good does the quilting look!

She worked with me to get a clear understanding of the look I was going for, and then came back to me with ideas, before we both settled on one design that she’d drawn freehand. Thank you so much Vicki, I think it’s stunning!

Moshe's Curious Nature Quilt - 04
love the circles! they’re like big bubbles, make me happy when I look at them

I actually fell hard in love with the design the second it came out. David Butler, husband of the renowned Amy Butler, under the name Parson Gray, released not only his first stunning range of masculine-targeted fabrics, but a free download quilt pattern that yes, I followed to the proverbial T.

OK I’m going to shut up now, and you can just relax and enjoy. I hope you like it as much as I do. Can’t wait to finally be able to present it to Moshe tonight!

Moshe's Curious Nature Quilt - 05

Moshe's Curious Nature Quilt - 07

Moshe's Curious Nature Quilt - 08

Moshe's Curious Nature Quilt - 09

Moshe's Curious Nature Quilt - 09

Moshe's Curious Nature Quilt - 10

Moshe's Curious Nature Quilt - 11

Hope you liked that. Now I’m off to finish the next quilting project that’s been “in progress” for almost 2 years now. How time flies!

x Helene

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