I FINALLY won a Dritz eBay auction!

Dritz Bound Buttonhole Maker
my very own Dritz Bound Buttonhole Maker!

YAY!!! Since I first saw these things, and first heard all the fuss about them, I’ve wanted one of my own. But I kept missing out on auctions! They either went for ridiculous money, or I simply missed the auction altogether, reading on someone’s blog about how they’d won. Finally! This one came onto eBay, and I stalked it! I think the auction was a long one, because when I got the reminder email saying today’s the day, don’t miss out, I’d actually forgotten about it! I just hope the shipping to Australia isn’t too much. Fingers crossed. But I actually don’t care. It can’t be that much, and I only paid about $15 for it, so I don’t mind. Don’t mind at all!

Hmmm. I just realized I haven’t shown you my recent buttons splurge. I bought rather a few lot. OK, tomorrow. I have to photograph them. They’re so pretty!!! I’ll tell you all about it.

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