iPad Slipcase, or Travel-light Bag

I already had an iPad cover that I’d made only – what, a month ago? So why did I need to make a second one? I’ll tell you why. I’m sure it would never have occurred to me to make another one if the first one, whilst beautiful, kept getting its flap stuck and bent as I took it in and out of my brand new Winter Nest Satchel. Not good, since I plan to use this satchel for my trip overseas. Also, I wanted one that matched perfectly with the satchel. So, one morning, I set about making this one.

The gorgeous back - I never seem to get tired of this fabric, I adore it!
So lovely for keeping my iPad safe

I’ve been making rather a lot of bags lately, so my brain was already set to what-else-can-I-add-to-the-design-of-this-bag-to-make-it-even-greater mode. As I cut the pieces for the front and back (it’s basically two rectangles of fabric for front and back given the medium-weight fusible wadding treatment, and another two pieces for the lining), using the gorgeous Ink & Spindle Lace Fans in Dark Red on Tamarillo (discontinued), topped with a leftover piece of Kristen Doran‘s Winter Nest panel, both of which I’d used on my Satchel, my brain went into over-drive, and I came up with the following added options:

internal pockets!

My thinking was that, just in case I wanted to pop my mobile in there, or some piece of paper with invaluable information, I had the perfect place to put it.


I used the same fabulous hair tie elastic to make this closure as I’d done on the Leuca iPad Cover. It works brilliantly! And see how neatly my iPad fits into this sleeve? With no extra bits flapping to get in the way when I popped it into my carry bag. Perfect!

Now, the pièce de résistance, my master stroke, I believe, was to add a couple little d-rings to the sides, and make a lovely thin adjustable strap so I could use this gorgeous bag without the iPad. It’s perfect for when I want to travel light – no need to be concerned for room for my sunnies, or Moshe’s glasses, or any other bulkiness-adding item. I could use this when I just want my phone, my lippy, and perhaps a thin wallet to pay for the movies, or a hot chocolate or something.

I made the little bits for the d-rings very small, so they'd only just poke their heads up above the sleeve top when I'm using it as an iPad cover

The strap extends well for an across-the-body length, and pulls up nicely for regular on-the-shoulder use.

The little d-rings and strap adjuster are "repurposed" from an old mobile phone carry case I no longer used. There. And I thought I'd never use that word!



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