YSG! Winter Nest Satchel

I’ve learned so much from Nicole Mallalieu. You know how, in the beginning of learning, you follow the instructions to the letter, rarely daring to stray. And then, once you’ve been studying for a while, you get that confidence that allows you to improvise, although your path still stays close to home, adding options you’ve learned well to embellish your work. So that’s how this bag came into existence.

I’d already made a bag using this Large Tote & Satchel pattern. And I’d made several bags from Nikki’s book, You SEW Girl! So I knew how to make those beautiful zippered pockets.

I prefer the construction of zippered pockets from the book over the one in this pattern

I had in mind to take this bag overseas on my trip to Israel. I wanted something that would handle all my needs while navigating airports and such things. So I added another couple of slip pockets on the other side of the lining, to accommodate a pen, a notebook, and perhaps travel items such as train or bus tickets, brochures, etc.

See one of my new labels sewn onto the right pocket?

Of course, a key strap is mandatory now. I love that there’s such a simple way to avoid having to spend all that wasted frustrating time searching frantically for keys.


Hotel keys aren’t real keys anymore, I know, but still, it’ll come in handy when I’m not travelling.

Next, I thought about carrying my passport, airline tickets, and other important travel documents. I figured out a way to put another zippered pocket on the back of the bag, out of sight, with easy access as I move through immigration lines.

All nice and neat when zipped up.
The zippered pocket from Nikki’s City Shopper (in her book) is the perfect size!

Now, I also thought about having quick access to my mobile phone. Since I’d decided to add the optional flap to this bag, I decided to add a little pocket on the front of the bag, just under the flap, to pop my phone in. Of course, when I’ll be on the plane on those long, long flights, I’ll move the phone to inside the bag, so it won’t accidentally fall out.

Didn’t I do a good job of matching up the fabric design? I’m a bit proud of that bit. Baste, not pin. That’s the trick.

And then, of course, what about when my bag ends up under the seat on the plane, and I fall asleep, and the bag sways this way and that on the floor, with all my things spilling out! So, I added a zippered closure, straight off Nikki’s Day Bag pattern – it’s the perfect size, so no pattern adjusting required. The only tip I’d have for you, if you decide to go this route too, is to use a longer zip. Don’t go for a 31cm zip, even though the pattern says you can use the shorter length. Opt for the longer 35-40cm lengths. You’ll thank me when it comes time to top-stitch the top rim of the bag!

Looks so pretty, and keeps all my things tucked safely inside.

And my iPad fits neatly inside. Very important. With or without its cover.

Not that I ever could see myself putting it in without a protective cover, right?
I’m so happy that my new iPad slipcase matches my satchel now! It almost has me squeal with delight. Only when no-one’s looking.

I think I’m going to enjoy using this satchel, both on my travels abroad, and at home. It’s going to serve me very well.

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