A few weeks ago, Moshe and I had a very serious and important conversation. The outcome? It’s time. Time for a new sewing machine. And – surprise surprise – a new overlocker! Wait! That sounds like I have one already. No, but it’s something I’ve wanted my whole sewing life. Well, actually since I bought my very first sewing machine, at age 19. That makes it oh, 38 years. A very long time.

I decided that my first port of call was to call the shop where I’d bought a fabulous Janome for my middle daughter several months ago – Liz’s Sewing Centre in Boronia, Victoria.

Liz's Sewing Centre, Dorset Square, Boronia
Liz’s Sewing Centre, Dorset Square, Boronia

Gita and I had been looked after so well there. The level of service, and the obvious, genuine interest the staff had in making sure we were completely taken care of, was phenomenal, and in stark contrast to the really bad experience we’d had at a couple of other stores. So, I thought it was a no-brainer to start my quest by calling Fotini at Liz’s, and asking her the question – “Which machine should I get?” I’d bought my eldest daughter a Janome too, for her birthday several years ago, and I wondered if I should also get a Janome so we could share feet, and bobbins, as Devorah had wisely suggested. But I wanted to know if it was the right choice for me, given I wasn’t a novice like my daughters had been when I bought their machines, and given that I already had a rather good collection of feet from my dear old 6230 Practica 5.

my collection of Husqvarna Practica 5 6230 feet
my collection of Husqvarna 6230 Practica 5 feet

She (Fotini) recommended the Husqvarna Opal, and after checking online for the specs and the reviews, I agreed. The perfect machine for me. I was pretty sure I could only afford the 650, and I was equally as sure that the 670 was out of my financial reach. Fotini mentioned that the Craft & Quilt Fair was coming up, and I should wait for that to get a great price. Agreed. Still thought they couldn’t possibly come down enough in price for me to get the 670.

Finally, Thursday came round, the first day of the Fair, and finally, at around 3:15 in the afternoon, I could get away to zip into town, and by 4:10, I was parked, and with ticket in hand, I walked into the Fair.

It was a very quick affair. By 4:50pm, I was walking away from the Husqvarna stand with not just a receipt for the Opal in my hand, but with a second receipt – for a Brother 3034D Home Lock! I can’t believe the amazingly great deal I got for the two machines, and I was ecstatic! I only had a certain amount of money to spend, which really shouldn’t have been enough for two machines, but … well, I’m lost for words! I got the 670! Check out the features on this baby…

Husqvarna Opal - features chart
Husqvarna Opal – features chart – click on the pic to enlarge it so you can read it clearly

I almost skipped out of the Fair, I was that happy! I’d wanted an overlocker for so many years now, and I think I’ll only get that it’s real when they call me to say my machines are in the shop, and I’m there, physically picking them up and bringing them home with me! Gotta wait about 10-14 days for them to get it in. Perfect amount of time to change things around a bit in my sewing room to make space for not one any more, but three machines! Amazing!

Oh, and on the way out of the Fair, I kinda ran into a Japanese fabric stand which cost me to the tune of 4x fat quarters. Oops!

wabi sabi Japanese fabric
wabi sabi Japanese fabric – aren’t they pretty? my next handbag


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