My Seamwork Akita Hashtag Fail

I’d subscribed to Seamwork when it first came out. Colette Patterns is one of my top favourite designers and the whole idea of Seamwork was to me a very inspired idea. Unfortunately, this didn’t translate to reading every edition from virtual cover to cover, nor did it mean I downloaded, let alone sewed up, any of the patterns. Shocking, but true.

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Sarai Metnick, the brilliant designer behind the Colette Patterns brand, at Stitch 56, and Anna from Blogless Anna walked in wearing her beautiful version of the Akita. I was immediately curious, and decided I’d make one for myself.

I’d been hoarding a pretty Liberty print for ages now, and decided it was time to use it. I also thought I’d try something a little different with the pattern, which has both front and back cut in one long piece spanning the entire length of the prescribed meterage. I cut the pattern at the shoulder, added the 5/8in seam allowance to both sides of the cut, and used my Liberty for the front, and a pretty Anna Maria Horner print for both the back and the bias binding on the neckline.


It was a very quick make, for sure, but as others before me have said, it did take a bit more than the hour it was billed to take. I didn’t mind about that really, but I did mind that unfortunately, I didn’t end up with something I could immediately wear. To begin, I’d dived straight into the cutting and the sewing. I didn’t do any research about the pattern, didn’t think I needed to. I hadn’t checked any online reviews, or read any bloggers’ views and comments. I mean, how much can there be said about a straight boxy top with only one pattern piece! Well, needless to say, apparently plenty!

Since, as I already mentioned, this pattern is pretty much a straight up-and-down box, I thought it logical that if I measured my bust and hips, and went with the same pattern size I’d used for the Sorbetto top only a couple weeks before, the fit should be right. WRONG!


As you can see, I need about another 2 in. across the hips. I can’t even tell if I like the length on me, because the top doesn’t kinda slide down over my hips as it should. I was so disappointed. Ah well. This one goes off to sit atop the pile of things that are “waiting till I lose another 1-2 kilos”. Bummer.

Helene x

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