Oh, Liberty!

Picture this… it’s day three of a 5-day getaway in beautiful Hepburn Springs. We’re staying in a gorgeous bed-and-breakfast retreat, relaxing in front of a nice fire that warmed up the whole place – it’s working up to a top of 13°C outside – I’m nursing a really nice Trappist beer, and browsing the internet on my iPad. Moshe is happily catching up on his social media, and I somehow find my way to one of my favourite “window-shopping” fabric haunts, Shaukat & Company.

All of a sudden, I start jumping up and down. I’d found it! There it was – the fabric I’d seen ages ago made up into a gorgeous wrap dress by a very clever seamstress at Patchwork On Central Park! I’d been looking for it for a year, well more than that I think. And here it was! I couldn’t believe it. All there was to think about was how much I needed to get!

Mirako in Orange

Actually, I saw the fabric in Bright Pink first. I didn’t know it came in that colourway, and, still convinced I’d never find it in orange, and quite beside myself with joy that I’d found it at all, I squealed, and added 3.5 yards to my shopping cart, before continuing on my way through Shaukat’s virtual isles.

Mirako in Bright Pink
Mirako in Bright Pink

I really love it in pink actually, quite different, but it really rather grabbed me. I think it’ll look quite gorgeous sewn up.

So now I have both fabrics in the cart, the pink and the orange. I can’t say exactly what it is, but I just love this fabric. It just does something for me that I can’t put into words. I’m just so, so excited. Anyway, I decide to keep browsing just a wee bit longer. I mean, I am on holidays, after all. No need to rush. So I’m sauntering down the page, and I find myself staring at one of my latest new Liberty favourites – Matches.

Matches in Black

Oops! All by itself, it fell into my shopping cart! Seriously, I do not lie!

What a great holiday this is.

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