The Practical Guide To Patternmaking For Fashion Designers: Menswear
The Practical Guide To Patternmaking For Fashion Designers: Menswear

Well, I get restless! I’m waiting for my book(s) to arrive so I can learn everything I need to know to make Moshe’s coat, and I thought I’d mosey on down to Taylor’s blog and have a read. I can’t help it if he lays out a great case for the book he used to cut his first pair of jeans, now can I! Anyway, I bought it. The Book Depository is faster in delivering my orders than Amazon, so I’m hoping it gets here really quickly so I can stop this buying frenzy. Like buying another book will make me instantly smarter in this whole process!

Joking aside, I am actually really glad that I did stumble across this title, because it sounds, from Taylor’s writeup, to be really awesome.

The book has clear step-by-step instructions for how to make slopers for men’s shirts, vests, pants, jackets and coats, and a whole chapter on linings. You know, it might just be that I can learn how to cut a lining for an unlined coat! Wouldn’t that be something!

If you want to look inside at the book’s chapter headings, TBD doesn’t have that, but Amazon does. Worth a look, for sure!

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