OMG! I’m crazy in love with Curious Nature!

I’ve been up since 4am. Couldn’t sleep. Not that I wasn’t tired. Just couldn’t get my head to chill out, and my brain to stop thinking about, among other things, these amazing fabrics, and what I’m going to make with them.

Parson Gray | Curious Nature - Mineral
Parson Gray | Curious Nature – Mineral

The first time I laid eyes on these – when was that, last August? – I fell hard in love. I knew it would be the answer to all my what-fabric-can-I-use-to-make-a-quilt-for-Moshe conundrum. And now that they’re in the shops, I can finally get me some!

Parson Gray | Curious Nature - Ocean
Parson Gray | Curious Nature – Ocean

It’ll also be the perfect solution to the problem of finding the right fabric for a couple of shirts I want to make for my darling. And it’s absolutely PERFECT for a couple of other amazing projects that are now inhabiting my workroom table project list.

These beautiful fabrics are the brainchild of David Butler – yeah, you know. He’s Amy’s husband. And now, he’s a major source of inspiration for me. If you haven’t seen the range yet, you JUST HAVE TO take a look at it. Curious Nature by Parson Gray is David’s magnificent, male-perfect fabric line. Ha! But not just for the guys! I’m making a few things for myself, too! I have to say though, I feel just a teensy bit guilty that I just want to copy everything on the Facebook site exactly, know what I mean? Do you think it is a little … er, what would you call that, … maybe uncool on my part?  But hey, don’t they say that imitation the greatest form of flattery? Well, that’s fine by me. I just can’t get these designs out of my head.

So, with the gracious permission of David Butler himself to use his images, here are the things I just can’t wait to make…


Here’s Amy Butler’s pattern that I’ve wanted to make now for a couple of years. It looks amazing in David Butler’s Curious Nature fabrics, doesn’t it!


 cn-tunic-scarf I don’t currently have a pattern for a tunic like this. however, I reckon I have a couple of patterns I could adapt.As for the scarf, it’s gorgeous. I’ll make that from 2 yards of fabric. I don’t know. I just can’t stop looking at these pictures! I’m really besotted with the fabrics!

Amy Butler | High Street Messenger Bag

Parson Gray | Curious Nature - Messenger Bag

This is such a great bag! It’ll fit Moshe’s laptop when he’s travelling, as well as his reading glasses, his sunglasses, his iPhone, his keys, and any kind of other paraphernalia that normally ends up residing in my handbag.
Parson Gray | Curious Nature - quilt

Parson Gray | Curious Nature - quilt

And last but certainly not least, here’s David’s amazing quilt pattern which you can download if you like, for free, from the Free Spirit Fabric website. Perfect for Moshe, no? The right colours, the right tones, and drop-dead gorgeous fabric!
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