April 2010

I decided to name this little pincushion that I whipped up this morning after one of my favourite haunts for buttons and other gems that has long been closed down.

I started with some fabric I received from Cherri House Quilts as a part of a contest prize. The little pinked-edge squares were just asking to be made into a pincushion.

two sides - red/cream and black/cream
two sides - red/cream and black/cream

After ironing on some pellon to the reverse sides, I sewed the front and back pieces, then, with right sides together, I stitched around the edges, leaving a little opening to pull the whole thing through to the right side. Luckily I had some cut-offs of batting, and I pulled that into bits and stuffed them into the cushion till it was pretty full and firm. Then I slipstitched the opening to close it all up.

I found this gorgeous ribbon at Amitié, and stitched it around, securing it with one of my favourite buttons that I’d found in that bric-a-brac shop. I guess that until now, I hadn’t found the right project for it.

So, finally, I have my own little pincushion that I’ve made myself. It’s not a really huge project, but you know how some little things give you so much pleasure? It’s like that for me with this little treasure. I’ve been wanting to make one for years. I’m so satisfied now that that itch has been scratched.

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