Dumpling Make-up Pouch

How adorable is this! Michelle Patterns little dumplings are the sweetest pouches, aren’t they! Virtually half the size of the pouches I’ve been using, it actually packs a punch, accommodating all my girly bits and pieces very nicely, and in such a compact little package. This is another in the series of coordinating pieces to match my Winter Nest Satchel. Don’t you love how the Ink & Spindle fabric pattern works so perfectly with the curve of the pouch!

And there's still room for more!

I’m quite astounded, actually, at how much I can fit into it!

Hand cream, lipstick, nail file, clippers, tweezers, comb, tape measure, lip balm, and on and on!

I used the remaining bits of my Kristen Doran Winter Nest panel for the lining. Lovely, isn’t it? Then, as per the pattern instructions, I finished the internal seams with some black bias binding that I’ve had in my drawer for oh, at least a couple of decades.

The back - lace fan upside down
A good couple inches in the bottom gives it it's deceptively spacious capacity

And it all fits neatly in my hand.

I can see myself making these as gifts. They really take very little fabric, and very little time, yet look so adorable!



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