Earphones Pod 02

I had been wanting to make a new one of these for ages. The first one I made, although it’s very nice, bothered me for two reasons. First, because I’d done the top-stitching too far from the edge (1/4″), making the pod a very tight fit for my earphones. Second, the yellow zip started to really bother me. This new one, I love! The pattern, Circle Zip Earbud Pouch Tutorial, is by Erin Erickson from her fabulous blog, Dog Under My Desk.

The back

I adore this little pod. I made it specially to match my Winter Nest Satchel. I used the beautiful Ink & Spindle Lace Fans in Dark Red on Tamarillo (discontinued) for the back.

The front

The front is made with leftovers from Kristen Doran‘s Winter Nest panel. And because I did the top-stitching really close to the edge, being careful to avoid the zip end, its lovely and roomy for the earphones, and easy for me to slip my hand in to take them out. All in all, this was a very successful project!

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