my new tissue case

I’ve never owned a tissue case before, and actually, I hardly keep tissues in my handbags, ever! But when I came across this tutorial on Very Purple Person‘s blog, I realized that really, I’d like to keep tissues in my bag, and the only reason I don’t is because those horrible little plastic packs get all nasty when they only have a couple of tissues left in them.

the front of the case

This seems to be the perfect solution. And besides, I still had some lovely little bits of Ink & Spindle and Liberty fabric left! I even had enough Liberty for this lining!


When I edited this image in Photoshop, and saw those horrid unfinished seams, I gasped, and quickly went back to finish them off nicely with a little zig zag stitch.

you can just make out the stitches in this photo, but trust me, they’re lovely!

Do you like my little ribbon tab? The colour doesn’t show up right in this picture, unfortunately, but it matches the olive in the fabric very nicely. Deciding which ribbon to use took more time than it actually took to make this little item!

And here’s the back…

the back

How cute is it! The pattern is really very simple, and makes up very quickly. My only change is to finish off the seams before turning the finished case right-side out.


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