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Well, he gave me an iPad for my birthday! Moshe was more excited about giving it to me than I was to receive it. And I was very excited to receive it! He got me one with the lot – 64gb, 4G ready, all juiced up, as he said. And see the little speakers and a neat attachment thingy that’s for getting my photos off my camera and onto my iPad? They’re from Gita. I was so spoilt this year.

Gee, look who's on the screen! Yay! It's Austin! Took me all of 4.32 secs to load him up!

The very next morning, we went out and bought one of those brilliant Apple concertina covers. After much deliberation and many trips up and down the escalators at Chadstone, I picked the red leather version. A portion of the proceeds from every red cover purchase goes to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa. So, done. It’s perfect. Slim, multi-functional (also serves to clean the screen beautifully), and well… it’s red.

However, it doesn’t cover the back, only the front screen. Hmmm. A problem. But no, not really, right? Here’s how I handled that issue…

The front - it's that gorgeous piece of Ink & Spindle fabric I bought last year

Recognize the lining? That's right, it's from my Japanese Fans quilt! I love it!

And there's my iPad peeking out! It fits nicely even with the red Apple cover on, although I tend to leave it off when I pack it away

I was so annoyed that I didn't have a nice thickish roll of round elastic in my drawer, until I remembered that set of hair elastics I didn't like much! bingo!

And here's the back. How gorgeous is that fabric! You should feel it, so soft to the touch. Perfect!
I padded it all out with beautiful bamboo batting, which gave it a really nice loftiness, without being too thick or bubbly. If you want to see more of the outer fabric, here’s a link. It’s Lara Cameron’s stunning Leuca in Red Orange & Stone.

I love the slimline design, fits easily and unobtrusively into my handbag. You wouldn’t know it was there! I apologize for not having any step-by-step photos of this project. I’ll be making another one soon, and I promise I’ll include lots of detailed instructions.



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