Fantastic! Finally. Trish was going to show me how to do hexies. Of course I’ve heard about these little lovelies, and seen people cutting and sewing all manner of sizes, making quilts, bags, and other wonderful items. I’d also heard the warning about how these little shapes are completely addictive. And now, it was my turn to try my hand at them.

I haven’t photographed all the steps here, my apologies. It all happened rather quickly, actually. From beginning to end, it was a very short process, so I can only show you the end result, which I’m delighted with. I adore Liberty fabrics, and this little pincushion captured my heart as soon as I saw the original in Trish’s hands.

Not sure I can honestly say I’m now addicted to hexies, but I did enjoy my short visit with them.

my re-usable little hexagon paper cut-outs
the front
the back
the gorgeous pistachio velvet ribbon side
darling, isn't it?

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