Supremely Satisfying Sophie

There’s nothing like that moment when you realise it’s Saturday morning, and you’ve got an event to go to on Sunday evening,, and you don’t have anything to wear! It was my cousin’s Bat Mitzvah, and the weather guy forecast a sunny 27°C, and as I did a quick little mental walk through my wardrobe, […]

Completed :: Tessuti Eva Dress – à la Downton Abbey perhaps?

It’s a frustrating bitch of a thing. I’m talking about my weight. To be more specific… my apparent inability to lose it. I don’t eat anything with sugar in it, I don’t eat any grains, not even rice or quinoa or buckwheat or any of those “OK” grains, except once in a blue moon – […]

MMMay14 | The Plan


Most of my sewing over the past months has been, appropriately so, for spring/summer wear. Not so much for autumn/winter, which is upon us right now here in Melbourne. So last night, I spent some time pouring over my pattern collection, working out what I really need in my AW wardrobe (which is pretty much everything!!), and […]