A Tale of Three Coats: No.1 BurdaStyle Vintage Kim Coat

I heard someone say recently that the upcoming Melbourne winter would be the coldest on record. This piece of news made my spine freeze up. I’m not much good these days with extremes in temperature. I dread those (albeit stunning) summer days of 30°C heat, and equally, the chill cold of winter totally does me […]

Utilitarian Skirt Project

I sniffled and coughed a little as I got dressed this morning. Seems my darling little grandsons may have given me more than I realised for my birthday! I felt a chill in my throat and chest, and went off to get me some warmth. The first thing I grabbed was my pair of black leggings, a […]

MMMay14 | The Plan


Most of my sewing over the past months has been, appropriately so, for spring/summer wear. Not so much for autumn/winter, which is upon us right now here in Melbourne. So last night, I spent some time pouring over my pattern collection, working out what I really need in my AW wardrobe (which is pretty much everything!!), and […]

V8940 | Tailoring Moshe’s Coat – part 1


Now, I’m delighted to say, there is one good thing that’s come out of the past horrible chest-infection-ridden days – Moshe said he’s happy for me to get started on his coat. In other words, he’s happy for me to measure him up, and to get that coat done. The fact that one of our […]

Vogue Patterns 8609 in Liberty Tana Lawn – Kate Ada

I made this blouse awhile ago, and although I had blogged it back then, the post got deleted when I revamped my site last year. I want to include it here in My Sewn Wardrobe, so I’m writing it up again. Sorry if you’ve already seen this. It’ll be mostly pictures.   This blouse is […]