The Craft Sessions

The Craft Sessions

I’m so excited! In a few day’s time, I’ll be attending The Craft Sessions weekend workshop in the beautiful Yarra Valley! I’m signed up for both Saturday and Sunday classes with the fabulous Sophie Parslow who writes a great blog called Cirque du Bébé.

On Saturday, she’ll be teaching us the ins and outs of making the Wiksten Tank. I probably could sew the Wiksten Tank on my own, in fact I know I can, but I picked this class to learn how to do a really nice rolled hem “worth bragging about”, as Sophie promises. Somehow I’ve lost a little confidence as a dressmaker, and I’m looking forward to the kick-start this weekend will give me.

Sunday will be equally amazing – we’ll be learning all about sewing with knits. I never had the courage to try sewing with knits on my 37-year-old Husqvarna, so I’m really looking forward to this one, learning how to use my new Husqvarna on knits. Hopefully my grandson will end up with a fabulous little Figgy’s Banyan t-shirt. Do you read Sophie’s blog? If not, you really must! She’s such an inspiration to me and so many others. I can’t wait to meet her at the weekend!!!

You know, I do keep wishing there was at least one more day of classes available, just so I could also do the half-day embroidery class with Melissa Wastney from the gorgeous blog Tiny Happy. I love to embroider, as you can tell with this and this quilt, this coverlet, and this pillow case, and I’m always wanting to learn more. I also would have loved to do the block printing on fabric half-day class with Leslie Keating of the truly inspiring blog, Maze & Vale. Not to mention the indigo blue dyeing class, and…. well, you see what I mean. Do you think I had a little difficulty making up my mind about what to sigh up for? You bet I did! So many great instructors and great classes! Oh well, next time I guess.

So now I’m dealing with having to decide which fabric to use for my Wiksten Tank top class. Here are my options. Which would you choose?

I hope to be tweeting/instagramming/blogging (maybe) throughout the weekend. I hope you’ll follow me.

Helene x


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